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Thorough Investigations & Achievable Solutions

General contractor – Projects specializing in residential, commercial, multi-family, hospitals and schools. Work directly with our clients to mitigate damages caused by water intrusion and fire damage. JLS is unique in that we have an extremely skilled in-house staff. Many trades are within our in-house technician base and are not subcontracted out.

In the ever changing industry of Construction, one’s needs are greatly benefited when exposed to a professional team friendly environment. Construction is tricky and can be overwhelming to today’s Businesses. We take the wonder out of construction, leaving you with a sense of understanding and acknowledgement into the various trades, designs, and venue interpretations. Building in today’s economic structure requires great pre-planning and control. The quickly rising costs of construction make it imperative to wisely select a pro-active team to design your structure, as well as design and execute a plan that accomplishes the exact function being sought.

JLS Environmental will provide timely estimates and schedules for each phase of the design to help keep the project on time and within budget. We take the guess out of building and keep you aware of the costs indicated by the design of your professional. The changing codes, laws and materials make this a crucial part of the building trade, any one of these can affect the project in both positive and negative ways.

We specialize in remodel & re-construction techniques:

  • Remediation Water, Fire & Asbestos +

    We handle all types of water intrusion and mitigation services. Our team of specialists are known for being the best at containing the problem area and mitigating any further damage to the premise. Our team takes every precaution in stopping, correcting and improving any situation they come across. When it comes to remediation, time is of the essence and our team knows how to calmly and efficiently assess the situation and immediately take control and put into operation the appropriate process to prohibit further damage.

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  • 24/7 Emergency Services +

    We specialize in our 24 hour response to all calls for all types of disasters, a real person answers our line to help direct your call and answer your questions. JLS has developed an in-house team of professionals who are capable of handling the most critical construction trades in-house. Because of this, we are able to provide same or next day mobilization. Our project management services are available so that you can rest assured that your project will be completed in a professional and timely manner.

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  • Investigations +

    We meet customer expectations and needs by performing a thorough evaluation and documentation of our findings. We specialize in detecting the cause of damage and are able to make recommendations to remove and build back the damaged locations as needed. JLS provides a full range of services for construction defect projects. Our professionals use a sophisticated management style and are trained to be consistent in their inspection methods to ensure a work product with the same level of quality and completeness for every job. Detailed reports of all investigative testing services provided.

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  • Site Work +

    Our team of professionals can handle any project from small to large. We are extremely efficient and have mastered all steps from removal through final installation. No matter what the job may entail we engage and complete the project within specifications and budget. Although earthwork is not part of a physical building, it is an essential part of a project’s success at both the beginning and final stages of any project’s exterior.

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  • Reconstruction +

    We perform whole structure demo to completed rebuilds – We are able to carry out the project by detecting the problem, planning the course of action with proper material removal, identifying the defective installation, and repairing and finishing with seamless restoration of the affected areas.

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  • Insurance Claims +

    Our experienced estimating team works alongside both homeowners and insurance carriers to resolve claims quickly, accruately and efficiently.  We take pride at being the best in removing affected materials efficiently and successfully before further destruction can occur.

    Our JLS team members don’t just work with the insurance companies but in conjunction with the individual homeowners, building owners, property management companies and state agencies to make sure the claim is estimated and repaired accurately and efficiently.

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  • Specialty Coatings +

    With over 30 years of combined experience, our Coatings division has played a leading role in the construction industry. They excel in the most difficult and challenging areas, such as concrete slabs and foundation restoration. Take the guesswork out of selecting and applying coatings with JLS expert solutions for every type of coating project. Engineered to achieve superior results, JLS offers innovative, durable surface solutions with numerous protective, textured, and decorative options for a variety of applications.

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  • Preconstruction +

    Performing preconstruction services before the actual construction of a project begins allows for the success of each project JLS takes on. Overall planning and coordination allows for better control of the project from inception to completion. This allows JLS to not only set and meet expectations of the design early on, but to produce a functional and financially viable project for our client.

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  • Exterior Finish Systems +

    Our team is knowledgeable on a variety of systems and they perform installations that consistently meet the specifications. Our installation team drastically increases the durability of existing systems by using their expertise and standardized approaches. Our exterior finish team is hands down the best in our industry.

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  • Tenant Improvements +

    We specialize in bringing the customized needs of the tenant to life by performing at the highest level and keeping the alterations within budget and delivered efficiently for the building owner. Our seasoned and professional team creates a multi-faceted relationship that brings every team member together. With JLS having multiple trades in-house this allows us to create the end result seamlessly and more efficiently than any other company.

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  • Roofing +

    Our team specializes in the residential repairs but we capable to handle all roofing repairs as needed. Each roof repair is approached with the highest quality of commitment through the use of quality materials and attention to manufacturers’ specifications.

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  • Estimating +

    Our team of estimators can put numbers to any project that comes our way. Reviewing construction documents and specifications makes estimating difficult and special projects a breeze. We are not the normal run-of-the-mill contractor that can only do one type of project. The talented in-house team of tradesmen allows JLS to compete for jobs that most companies would have to subcontract out portions for.

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  • Drone +

    We perform all types of drone services which gives us the ability to identify and detect possible stress areas that need further investigation and testing. JLS creates both written and visual documentation to present a complete report of findings. Our professionals use a sophisticated management style and are trained to be consistent in their inspection methods. This ensures a work product at the same level of quality and completeness for every job.

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  • Expert Witness / Forensic Consulting +

    JLS provides a court certified expert witness in the field of Mold Remediation and Property Damage Repair Estimating. Our expert has been retained on over 500 property damage claims ranging from earthquake damage to water intrusion issues. We quantify the case and provide a full range of technical services required to complete comprehensive investigations and consumer studies that are persuasive to juries and defensible in court. We offer expertise in statistics, economics, risk management, insurance, database management systems, and survey team management.

    Please contact us for further information.

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  • Destructive Testing +

    Destructive testing is an investigative process that determines where a mold problem originated and helps to define the scope of the remediation plan. There are often cases where a visual inspection does not suffice to properly identify all areas of contamination because most microbial problems are not visible. With the assistance of Forensic consultants and the implementation of the proper engineering controls, layers of the structure are peeled back to pin point the exact source of the problem.

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