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Thorough Investigations & Achievable Solutions

We handle all types of water intrusion and mitigation services. Our team of specialists are known for being the best at containing the problem area and mitigating any further damage to the premise. Our team takes every precaution in stopping, correcting and improving any situation they come across. When it comes to remediation, time is of the essence and our team knows how to calmly and efficiently assess the situation and immediately take control and put into operation the appropriate process to prohibit further damage.

  • Containments +
    We pride ourselves in being the most thorough in setting proper protection required for the job at hand. Our technicians take extra precautions to ensure that the proper barriers are set up to isolate all mold-affected areas. This minimizes the amount of dust created during the course of action and allows the occupants to stay in unaffected areas of the residence or commercial building during the investigative process. Proper containment of the affected area with barriers helps to safeguard human health.
  • Determine Indoor Air Quality +
    Interior mold growth can be caused by an array of moisture factors including pipe leaks, floods, cracks in exterior walls, improperly balanced HVAC (heating/air conditioning) systems, as well as several other conditions. As a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association, our certified technicians will assist you in selecting an Industrial Hygienist to perform tests and design the appropriate plan of action to safeguard your indoor air quality.
  • Perform Moisture Survey +
    The assessment of your indoor air quality begins with a moisture survey. This survey tracks the present level of moisture in the structure and allows the hygienist to determine the problem and develop the appropriate protocol. The moisture survey determines air temperature and relative humidity. The survey will also discover the presence of mold, asbestos, lead, chemicals, and allergens.
  • Examine the Results +
    The results of the assessment will be presented to you. If a problem is found, our team will help you to create guidelines for reducing negative indoor air quality conditions within your home or commercial building. Once these steps have been completed, the remediation and restoration processes can begin. During the remediation and restoration, we will supervise to ensure that the protocols set by the Industrial Hygienist are properly implemented. Our team will also make certain that engineering controls are properly designed to protect all occupants of the affected area.